EPL 2021/22: Why Chelsea Can Win the English Premier League | Infographic

Football is undoubtedly one of the most loved sports of all time. There are different leagues in almost every nation competing to be hailed as champions.

But among all the renowned football leagues, the English Premier League is considered to be the best as it delivers more intense and better competition. This is easily proven by the staggering viewers globally, making EPL the most-watched football league in the world.

The star power in this league is undoubtedly incredible with many star players and sponsorship deals. It also involves the massive broadcasting deal, making it available for sports fans worldwide. The huge revenue is divided into teams which also attracted many talented players and managers from other leagues in the world.

Due to its popularity, football is also available in online gaming in Singapore where players can play football virtually, it even has features that allow them to create teams and leagues and compete with each other.

This Fantasy Premier League helped fans of the EPL to feel a sense of belonging and a whole new level of entertainment. Aside from that, people can also bet on which club they believe will win on an online live casino in Malaysia.

If you decide to bet in this 2021/22 English Premier League, it is best to be informed of the latest updates regarding the game and various clubs. Currently, Chelsea is expected to take home the championship title with having suffered one loss and one draw out of eight matches.

Aside from Chelsea, Liverpool and Man City, are also the remaining clubs who will compete for this 2021/22 EPL season.

Nevertheless, Chelsea beats other teams in terms of exceptional and talented players. The team also have an experienced manager to help them achieve success.

Want to learn more about why you should bet for Chelsea? Read this infographic brought to you by CM2Bet.

EPL 2021/22: Why Chelsea Can Win the English Premier League