Biggest Sports Betting Wins in History – Infographic

It will always be good to imagine yourself going home with a massive payout as a sports bettor. That is why most punters work hard in educating themselves in various sports and casino games. As per some people, knowledge is power. The more information they have, the more chance they can also have in winning large profits.

But this is not the only way to get money out of gambling. Punters also take advantage of the bookmakers who offer different odds. On the other hand, some are also taking the time to understand Singapore pools Sg sports odds.

To excite and inspire you, below are some of the biggest sports wins in history.

Anonymous Malta Bettor – $735,783

Another anonymous bettor placed a small $1 bet in Malta. He won PS585,000, or about $735,783. The odds of +68373800 were 19-fold for the accumulator. After Liverpool scored the winning goal against Chelsea, the bettor received a six-figure payout.

Darren Yates – $693,296

Darren Yates, a prominent name in horse racing betting, placed a PS62 bet on Frankie Dettori to win the Magic Seven at Ascot in Sept 1996. Yates won PS550,823 (or $693,296) after Dettori’s win.

Mick Gibbs – $629,237

With a 15-leg accumulator with a total of +166666600 odds, a PS0.30 bet could result in a PS500,000 win or $629,237. Mick Gibbs, an English roofing expert, placed this bet. Fourteen predictions were correct, with the last match ending as penalties.

Winning big in sports betting is not impossible. However, this is not the case for all people trying to make bets. For instance, you can be lucky sports betting like horse racing Singapore or football, but not in basketball or any casino games.

To learn more about the most prominent sports wins in history, click this infographic brought to you by CM2BET.

Biggest Sports Betting Wins in History