What is Singapore Pools? (Infographic)

Gambling is an activity that provides entertainment and the chance to win significant amounts of money. Many engage in this venture as they see it as a means to earn profit. Others bet on the regular as a hobby or for social reasons.

Regardless of the reasons, many Singaporeans love to gamble while watching sports: an exciting combination that delivers utmost enjoyment and the best experience. Sports bettors frequent Singapore pools football odds to calculate the winnings wager or leverage them to reflect the probability of any particular outcome from happening.

People who prefer soccer also check Singapore pools soccer odds to help punters place intelligent bets by having an idea to know which bets are worth the risk. For those who have yet to bet in Singapore, it is essential to understand that gambling is heavily regulated.

Singapore Pools was established under the Singaporean government to control illegal gambling among Singaporeans as a platform for citizens to bet in any of the legal games offered. It serves the people’s need and desire to place a bet in legal games while the government actively tries to counter illegal betting activities.

In 2004, a statutory board of the Ministry of France named Tote Board took ownership of the company, allowing Singapore Pools to operate without issues in terms of legality. Accordingly, the Ministry of Home Affairs granted Singapore Pools an exemption under the Remote Gambling Act 2014, prohibiting online or remote gambling.

In 2016, the Singapore Pools was finally exempted, allowing citizens to bet on sports online without finding online betting sites. Singapore Pool’s sports betting options include football betting, horse racing, and motor racing.

While it is tempting to prefer online casinos as it offers more options for games and sporting events to bet on, it is illegal in Singapore.

Learn more about Singapore Pools by reading this infographic from CM2Bet.

What is Singapore Pools?