How To Hold an Event During this Pandemic?

How To Hold an Event During this Pandemic?

Every company wants a memorable corporate event. It is certain that the event’s spearheads will do everything they can to make it memorable. That is why planning and organizing an event is one of the most stressful tasks in an organization.

Even if you have the best experiential marketing agency to help you execute your experiential campaigns and are well-prepared, it is more challenging to host an event today. Companies must adhere to the COVID-19 protocols and guidelines regarding mass gatherings. It might seem impossible to hold an event for corporate purposes today.

However, you can still do it with greater diligence. The following are essential things to remember when planning a corporate event:

  • Take Covid-19 Warnings

It started as a precaution but has now become a way of living. It is an excellent idea to ask guests to perform pre-event temperature checks as well as fill out surveys on the day of your event. These forms do not have to be completed by hand. Through an SMS-based technology, attendees will receive daily screenings via text message.

  • Testing and Cleaning Standards

It is wise to hire vendors who can quickly test attendees on-site before they arrive at an event. These tests take less than 10 minutes. These tests will ensure your audience feels at ease as they enter and leave the event. Visitors, speakers, staff, and vendors must follow the same rules. Make sure all equipment, including microphones and speakers, is disinfected.

  • Wearable Tech

Despite the fact that touchscreen registration may seem like a good option for event registration, technological advances have made this obsolete. Hosts today use digital scanners along with wearable technology such as wrist bands and smart badges. RFID technology is used to aid in crowd management and contract tracking.

  • Keep your Event Space Safe

Please make sure that guests are aware of the no-handshake policy and enforce it by putting up signage. To keep indoor airflow clean and reduce the risk of infection, open windows and use ozone air purifiers throughout the day.

  • Weigh your Food and Beverage Options

There are lots of options regarding offering guests safe food and beverages. Catering lets you deal with an expert who will take all safety precautions, including carefully wrapping and packaging food orders to ensure maximum protection.

You could consider server-attended stations that have staggered lunchtimes to reduce crowds. To-go containers should be provided to attendees so that they can eat outdoors or in private areas if they wish.

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