Consumer Behavior

How Product Packaging Affects Consumer Behavior | Infographic

The study found that the size of the package can have a strong impact on the consumer’s decision. Larger packages draw the attention of consumers faster because they perceive them as offering better value. It is important to use a unique shape for the packaging of your product since this will attract more attention.

While it is true that the appearance of packaging affects consumer behavior, it is also true that consumers tend to purchase items based on the aesthetics of their packaging like paper bags for grocery. Approximately 75% of consumers say that the appearance of a product’s packaging determines whether they decide to buy it or not. However, only a small portion of consumers say that they consider the quality of a product when looking at its packaging.

The design of a package is one way to influence consumer behavior. While a consumer can’t use a product without its packaging, they can visualize the benefits of that product. This emotional reaction may influence their attitudes toward sustainability. A study from MIT suggests that up to 70% of buying decisions are made in stores, rather than online.

The material used to package a product can have a great effect on its sales. The packaging material can influence a consumer’s buying habits. For example, a luxury paper bags with a good design will make a consumer feel more satisfied, and poor-quality packaging will make them feel more likely to abandon the purchase. And when the packaging is attractive, it will also help a consumer feel good about their purchase.

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How Product Packaging Affects Consumer Behavior