The Benefits Of A Digital School Marquee

Digital School Marquee

It is without doubt that your school is an integral part of the community. As such, it is imperative that you maintain communication between the school and the community that it serves. There are many ways to do this, but a digital school marquee is one of the best. If you are not familiar with electronic marquee signs, they are signs that display moveable lettering in a backlit display. The following are some of the reasons for a school to choose such a sign.

First of all, a school tent leads to better awareness of school events. All schools will organize certain events for the students and their parents. It is of course easy for people to forget about these events, something that results into poor attendance, but a digital marquee can be a great reminder. You cannot ignore such a bright and conspicuous reminder, and this sign will probably be the first thing a person sees on arrival at the school.

There are all kinds of events for which a digital marquee can be helpful to you. Examples include graduations, fundraisers, games and other sporting events, open houses, PTA meetings, field trips, concerts, plays and dances.

Another benefit of a digital school marquee is that it does not use a lot of power. Nearly all digital marquee signs use LED lights. Some time back, signs like this were made with traditional bulbs, which made them much more expensive to buy and run.

However, modern marquee signs use only a tiny fraction of the power that was once necessary. For this reason, digital marquee sign is unlikely to make a significant difference in your school’s electric bill. If would like to get some more specific numbers, you can use this guide to calculate the exact power usage of an LED sign.

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