SEO: “The Reports of My Death Are Greatly Exaggerated”

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a prominent digital marketing strategy for many businesses. Clifton SEO is a valuable tool for building brand awareness, establishing relationships with prospective customers, and positioning a brand as an authoritative and trustworthy expert in a particular field.

However, with the rise and introduction of pay-per-click or PPC ads in internet marketing NJ, there have been reports that SEO’s demise and obsolescence are near. Speculations regarding SEO’s end have been around since Google Adwords became more popular.

PPC ads appear at the top results of the search engine results page or SERP, which pushes organic search results down to third or fourth place. PPC ads are included in Google’s revenue sources, and organic search results do not have direct monetary value for the search engine.

Despite the rising popularity of PPC ads, SEO is still alive and thriving. SEO experts claim that SEO is more critical than ever in a brand’s success. Even though PPC ads are in the top position on the SERP, many users still scroll down to see other results besides the top option.

One way to win at SEO is by prioritizing quality over quantity of online content. Google is now more content-oriented than ever, which means it works to make sure that users get the answers to their inquiries quickly. 

It is also significant for brands to understand search intent as Google ranks websites that are textually and contextually relevant to the users’ search terms. Brands must identify the search intent behind each keyword they use and make sure that the content they create aligns with the search intent.

Search engines also look at a website’s user experience (UX) when determining its rank on the SERP. From content to design and navigation, it is important to make sure that everything is convenient for prospective customers visiting the website.

Brands must also pay attention to technical SEO. A technical back-end contributes to monitoring a website’s performance in the search results. Taking care of a website’s technical SEO is crucial when publishing content and generating high-quality links.

For more details about SEO in online platforms, check this infographic from Landau Consulting.