Budget Travel Tips for Antigua

Antigua is a well-liked Caribbea n vacation spot renowned for its stunning beaches, pleasant weather, and vibrant culture. Here are some suggestions to help you cut costs if you want to visit Antigua on a shoestring budget:

Travel Between December and April

December to April is Antigua’s busiest travel season, therefore costs for travel and lodging are frequently higher during this period. Travel during the off-season, which is between May and November, when costs could be lower.

Choose Affordable Accommodation

Search for affordable lodging choices, such as hostels, guesthouses, or apartments. These solutions are frequently more affordable than hotels and resorts.

Dine Like a Local

Eating at restaurants or food booths in your neighbourhood might be a wonderful way to cut costs on meals. Avoid eating at places that cater to visitors because they can be more expensive.

Use Public Transportation

Consider using buses or minibuses instead of the pricey taxis in Antigua to go around the island. For individuals on a tight budget, this might be a more practical choice.

Enjoy Free Activities

There are many free activities available in Antigua, including hiking, beachcombing, and visiting local markets. 

When planning any paid activities, such as excursions or water sports, think about making reservations in advance. You can save money by booking tours online because many tour companies provide discounts.

You may travel to Antigua on a tight budget without compromising on the quality of your trip by using the advice in this article.
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