Choosing a Competent Asbestos Surveyor

Asbestos was once widely used for constructing everything before 2003. From schools to residential properties, asbestos would be used as a highly efficient insulator because of its fire-retardant capabilities. However, as much as this mineral was practical and affordable, asbestos is hazardous to human health, causing lung cancer and asbestosis.

An asbestos building survey could help you identify any asbestos presence on your property. To do so, you need to hire a competent surveyor from a reliable firm. There are particular factors to consider when selecting a surveyor for a successful invasive asbestos survey:

They are Accredited

Knowing whether NATA accredits the survey firm is of utmost importance when choosing an asbestos surveyor.

NATA stands for the National Association of Testing Authority. NATA certifies organizations to conduct testing and inspection on their products and services. This gives consumers the confidence to make safe, healthy, and dependable decisions. 

If NATA accredits the firm, you can be assured that it can provide dependable services.

It is possible to find a non-accredited company that is still capable of meeting asbestos survey standards and may not have safeguards. They might not have proper formal complaint procedures, may be impartial, or present unclear reports.

They Possess In-Depth Knowledge of the Construction

Asbestos may be present in various components of a property, and if disturbed, it could spread harmful fibres in the air. When selecting an asbestos surveyor, they must have a thorough knowledge of construction to better detail their findings and avoid unwanted mishaps.

An asbestos survey firm should understand building methods, how the property works and is used, and fire protection and insulation.

They Have a Management Plan for Affected Areas

What if the report comes back positive for asbestos? Does the firm have any management plan to contain and eliminate the asbestos in a particular area of your property?

Because asbestos is dangerous when damaged, you should find an asbestos survey firm that can offer ways to manage and remove asbestos. They should have an assessor prepared to handle the removal project throughout, then provide a Clearance Certificate once the site passes strict inspection.
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