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A Look At The Financial Industry Best-Practices For Voice Call Recording

Financial organizations are not only under pressure from regulatory  authorities to put in place effective  policies and systems for mitigating cybersecurity risks and potential breaches, but they also have other core competencies that they are supposed to meet. They are supposed to capture voice calls that are business-related and archive them in order to stay

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How To Choose A Call Archiving Solution

Choosing and implementing the right call recording solutions is a very critical step to comply with MiFID II call archiving requirements. However, with so many vendors in the market these days, picking the right solution to help you stay compliant can be a challenging task.  If you already have a call recording solution in your

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Things To Do When You Capture Voice Calls In Your Business

Even though enterprise text messaging is currently considered to be the fastest growing trend in enterprise mobile communications, there is no denying the fact that a great number of employees still use voice calls to communicate with customers and their colleagues. Due to this, companies that have allowed their employees to use their smartphones and

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